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modern and minimal designs handcrafted with passion.

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What We Do

Bring art & design to daily lives and explore any possibilities beyond boundaries

Graphic Design

Visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, illustration, and more, providing design services of logo, poster, leaflets & packaging, etc.

Product Design

Specialized in product design of houseware and tableware made of sheet metal. We also provide marketing gift ideas together with sourcing & production on request.


Providing professional & technical advice and manufacturing feasibility of sheet metalware from product development, prototype to mass production.

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About us

Derangedsign is a dynamic design studio based in Hong Kong associated with an experienced metalworking manufacturer in China. Driving with creativity and deranged ideas, as well as equipping with precise metalworking techniques, it's our goal to bridge the unconventional ideas into our daily life enjoyment.

  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Own Metalware Brand
  • Metalware Prototype
  • Metalworking & Mass Production

Watch the video of our "artss" project

Watch the video of "COEXISTENCE" project

Meet The Team

Nice to meet you

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Irene Yeung


Design, Branding & Market Planning : brainstorming and generating goods from ideas to design work

Coco Huang

Project Manager

Project Development : sourcing and cost evaluating, orders follow-up

James Su


Mold & Tooling Design: designing and making molds for stamping, pressing, deep drawing

Ken Liu

Operation Manager

Operation & Production: pre-production sampling, mass production & quality assurance

Recent Works

Check out some of our latest works

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The fragment family is a modern and elegant design of three flasks. It is made from SUS316 stainless steel. This type of steel is particularly resistant to acid and corrosion. This set includes 3 flasks, each is designed as fragment with unconventional shape, and three flasks can be put together as an art block and sculpture. Every piece of the set is polished with a crisp, mirror finish on the exterior. They’ll reflect the beauty all around them just like a mirror.

German Design Award 2021

Muse Design Award 2020

A'Design Award 2020                  

Stainless Steel Hip Flask Set of 3

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The Things

This set includes 5 bowls, each is designed as a polygon with unconventional shape as an art block and sculpture. Every piece of the set is polished with a crisp, mirror finish on the exterior. The design idea is from the philosophy of The Equality of Things (齊物論) by Zhuangzi who was the philosopher in the ancient Asia. Under ZEN, everything is the same, and people agree or deny other’s point of views are based on their own perspective subjectively. This inspires us to create the polygonal bowl set of 5 which are seen as 5 different bowls, but in fact the bowls are the same, just the open top is on the different planes. From a start to the end, it is the same thing, no matter of race & origin.

A'Design Award 2021                  

Watch the video of "the THINGS" project

Stainless Steel Bowls

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The design idea is derived from the theory of "Fictitious & Realistic Coexistence" and "The Sky and Earth Coexist" in ancient philosophy that deliver the message, all things are dual, and they are relative to each other, such as sky and earth, light and dark, the two sides are interdependent and complementary, expressing the ideas of balancing and inclusiveness. This set includes two trays, each is designed as a landscape shape and also like an art sculpture. Each tray can be individually used for table serving, and two trays can be set upside-down to each other in different variations, and become one large tray. Ideal for serving fruits, candy, nuts & jewelry, etc.

A'Design Award 2022                  

Muse Design Award 2022                  

ePDA 2022                  

HK Smart Design Award 2022                  

IDA 2022                  

German Design Award 2023                  

Iconic Award:Innovative Interior 2023                  

Watch the video of "COEXISTENCE" project

Stainless Steel Tray Set of 2


Exposure at exhibitions

“At the world's most important consumer goods trade fair people will be able to experience all the latest ideas and products at first hand – from the global market spectrum to industry trends and future visions. ”

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Ambiente Frankfurt, Germany 7-11 Feb 2020 / Hall 9.3 E41-02

“TIGS is the largest trade show in Japan with about 3,000 exhibitors across 45+ categories including personal gifts, fashion accessories, consumer goods and decorative accessories, etc.. Taking place in Tokyo Big Sight, West and South Halls and Aomi Halls.”

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Tokyo International Gift Show Spring, Japan 5-7 Feb 2020 / West Hall1-T25-05A

“M&O is the major event for professionals working in the art of living in all its rich and varied expressions. The lifestyle show brings together a 360°product offering. Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, the world of children, tableware…”

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Maison & Objet Paris, France 6-10 Sep 2019 / Hall 4 C132-5

“Design Inspire is an inspiring platform for global creative elites, design brands, design associations and institutes to showcase their creativities. An array of interactive installations, novel ideas, design products and projects is featured.”

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Design Inspire, Hong Kong 6-8 Dec 2018 / Hall3D 3C-A10